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The Best Carpet Cleaning Co. in Texas This Year

Posted on by Sunrise

In the wake of the torrential rains and flooding brought on by Mother Nature this year, the need for serious House & Carpet Cleaning Plus Restoration Services in Texas has never been greater. A call to The Carpet Cleaning Co. Services can help clean and restore your home’s interior walls and floors, carpet and upholstered furniture.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. can save you thousands of dollars. Imagine the cost of replacing or repairing those items after a disastrous flood. Other companies may promise to clean, dry and sanitize those components, but often the potential damage stays hidden from view until it appears in a few days as harmful mold and mildew.

How is that possible? The secret to The Carpet Cleaning Co.’s restoration process is their proprietary carpet cleaning system, a process that not only cleans and sanitizes, but also completely eliminates the nasty odors that can signal the presence of harmful mold spores and mildew in your home.

Mold is insidious. It’s caused by excessive moisture that enters your home, then settles between walls, under floorboards, carpets, cabinets and furniture. Here in Texas and coastal communities of Texas communities where high humidity, flooding and devastating hurricane-force storms often occur homeowners are particularly vulnerable.

The Houston and Dallas area is an ideal location for our business. We have established great relationships with many local customers who now depend on us. A huge reason for the success of our House & Carpet Cleaning Plus Restoration Services in Houston, Tx is the remarkable carpet cleaning System, a process that harnesses the power of environmentally safe Chlorine Dioxide (CO2), to kill germs and eliminates odors. Unlike other products, our system does the job without using harmful toxic ingredients. Not to be confused with Chlorine bleach, CO2 is safe for the entire family.

Uses Outside The Home

Our cleaning system has many uses outside the home. It can and is
used in virtually any athletic facility for an almost unlimited number of applications where germs and bacteria appear and prosper, especially in …

• Health Clubs
• Fitness Gyms
• Spas
• Resorts
• Martial Art facilities
• Racquetball Clubs

The Carpet Cleaning Co. system is used effectively to sanitize exercise and workout equipment, showers, saunas, locker rooms, massage tables, walls and floors, mats, pool areas, etc, etc.

Auto, Boat, RV Dealers

In addition to being useful for House & Carpet Cleaning Plus Restoration Services in Houston Texas, add Auto, RV, Boat Dealers to the places where The Carpet Cleaning Co. can get the job done.

The Carpet Cleaning Co.can add dollars to your bottom line. No one loves a vehicle or boat that smells of cigar smoke, beer, fish or any number of items like rotting meat, dead animals, body fluids and other unpleasantries. An application of carpet cleaning system does what its name implies. Odors are gone. The interiors smell fresh and you can get more dollars when you sell the vehicle

Healthcare Facilities

The Carpet Cleaning Co. is a trusted name in the carpet cleaning and sanitizing industry. It is the company to call to sanitize potential trouble spots where bacteria can form and cause illnesses to spread. Healthcare facilities are particularly at risk. A call to The Carpet Cleaning Co. can ease any concerns you might have about your facility. Our trained technicians can eliminate the germs that cause serious outbreaks.

Public Transportation Vehicles

Municipal transit vehicles, taxis, charter buses carry passengers from all walks of life. That combination can invite illness from many sources regular sanitizing by The Carpet Cleaning Co. team can keep your passengers safe. Call us for a quote and to arrange a regular sanitizing schedule. For your private or municipal fleets. Uber and Lyft drivers can do the same for their vehicles. Customers will appreciate the extra concern on a regular sanitizing schedule.

Real Estate Professionals

Make your real estate listings more appealing to buyers. Musty old homes, homes with smokers or homes with unpleasant animal odors can sit unsold forever. The Carpet Cleaning Co. can work with professional real estate brokers to keep all listings smelling inviting. Call for an estimate and more information.

Daycare Preschool

Youngsters often create their own unique odors. They play hard, spill stuff and often leave a trail of you know what. Allow Us to demonstrate the effectiveness of carpet cleaning system. The nose knows.

Smell something strange in your home or workplace? The Carpet Cleaning Co. House & Carpet Cleaning Plus Restoration Services of Texas will clear the air and sanitize your facility affordably, completely and professionally.




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